5 simple ways to connect with your customers

Customer feedback

We totally get that we shouldn’t just be thinking about our customers on #NationalGetToKnowYourCustomersDay but as with everything, we all need reminders every now and then.

We have found it really interesting getting your input into factors  that might affect consumer behaviour in the mini polls we conducted last week (thank you to all those who participated).

Here’s a summary of the results and how they could be useful in your business:

Q. When you are looking for a new service or product where do you begin your search?

  • Google
  • Friends

“4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to conduct local searches. Yet many small businesses have not claimed even a single local business listing on line which is a huge missed opportunity.”

Source: searchnengineland.com

We often meet company’s you have not yet registered on Google places and it makes a massive difference to local searches.

Action – To register your business with Google visit https://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/business/ to get on there asap.

Q. When you make a purchase or decision, what sways your decision more; the product or the price?

  • Product
  • Price

This is more difficult to call. Searchenginepeople.com believe there are 4 reasons people make a decision to buy:

  1. Scarcity (something that is not ‘common’ has greater value)
  2. Consistency & Convenience  (once they have made a commitment they are more inclined to stay with you.)
  3. Social proof – “90% of customers like to read an online review before making a decision.”
  4. Authenticity – Do you put yourself over as an expert? Do you offer additional information and advice?

Action: Encourage those reviews! Ask customers to write a google review for you. Make it part of your sales and aftercare service.

Q. If you receive a marketing gift do you prefer something you can use or something you can eat?

  • To use
  • To eat

According to designhill.com whether you include something to use or eat it significantly increases the impact of your marketing:

“89% of consumers can recall the advertiser even two years later after receiving a promotional product.”


Action – next time you think about promoting your business give time to consider what you could include that might capture your audience’s imagination.

Q. What makes you recommend a business a product?

  • People
  • Product

A referral or recommendation only happens when you fulfill the logical AND the emotional need of your customer. As ducttapemarketing.com explains:

“…in order to have your business considered as someone worthy of a referral, you need to tap the logic and emotion formula – maybe in equal parts. In other words, people have to believe you can help, have a great price, and will show up as promised (logic), but, they must also feel good about helping you, trust that their friend will be treated well, and like the experience of doing business with you (emotion.)”


Action – Why don’t you look at those customers that you know have referred you to someone else. What did you do in that job/sales process that might have made the difference and can you apply this to all future customer interactions?

There is so much we can learn from our customers to enhance our services, relationships and bottom line.

We found the reminder really helpful with lots of food for thought, how about you?

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