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3 reasons why your WordPress website needs updating


You know we love WordPress websites. They provide flexibility, unlimited options and cost-efficiency but they do need to be looked after.

Unfortunately they are not self-cleaning (although, is anything?!) or autonomous. They do need regular maintenance. A professional built WordPress site still needs care just as we look after ourselves, our home, our cars and other parts of our businesses.

A WordPress website that is not updated can run into problems with:


A WordPress site that isn’t maintained holds out of date software which slows the website down. It is estimated that 40% of browsers leave a website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds and search engines really dislike ‘slow’ and will start pushing you down the ranks. There can also be a build up of spam code behind the scenes that when left there can affect the performance of your site.


One of the top reasons for WordPress websites being hacked is out of date plug-ins. It makes the site vulnerable and allows hackers to enter and lay damaging code. Google is constantly searching the web for sites that have been infiltrated. They condemn 20,000 websites a week for this reason and until you correct you will not feature in their search engine listings.


If you do have issues with your site, either performance or security wise, it can mean that your site goes ‘down’. This means it can’t be found on the internet anymore. If you have regularly backups of your site you will be able to upload a previous version pretty quickly. If you don’t have a back up your site is effectively gone which will mean costly labour to reinstall your website or worse case scenario, a complete rebuild.

Our WordPress Care packages are designed to match the cost-efficiency of your initial WordPress website and ensure that your website remains in peak condition, safe and secure from malpractice and optimised to attract and convert new business.

Depending on the package you choose, you will receive either daily, weekly or monthly updates and backups to maintain speed & security, website recovery should the worst happen, activity reports to allow you to monitor your site performance and removal of spam and unnecessary code that can impede your site’s primary aim.

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