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5 minutes with… our newest recruit, Dan Allcoat

Dan Allcoat Graphic/Web Designer

So Dan, how has it been starting your new job at Adventure?

Starting a new job can be a very stressful and frantic experience, but I have found my first couple of months here at Adventure quite the opposite.

Ah that’s nice! What has it been like for you?

Warwick and Penny have been very welcoming and we all suit each other’s style of working very well so we’ve just sort of ‘gelled’.


Has anything in particular made it easier do you think?

It makes it easier when Warwick and Penny have both established strong and friendly working relationships with many different clients that I can get involved with.


What have you enjoyed during your first couple of months here?

My previous work experience was more editorial based, and working with brands that have already been established, in this role however I have expanded my branding skills creating logo’s and colour schemes for local businesses which gave me great creative satisfaction.


Is there anything you have found more difficult?

I have taken a lot of responsibility for video and animation content for digital platforms which has been a rewarding challenge!


What are you particularly proud of?

In my first month I was able to design and build a website for a Fashion boutique. I didn’t get the chance to do as much web as I would have liked in my previous role and to see the project through from start to finish has definitely made me an all round better designer.


How have you found it getting to know the clients?

I’ve really enjoyed getting to talk to clients face to face/on the telephone as in my  other job it was all done through emails and information getting past down from my superiors, so this has been a really positive part of my job. It’s good to feel more involved.


Finally, putting you on the spot now, what’s the best thing about working at Adventure (apart from working with me and warwick obviously!!)?

The office radio! It has some of my favourite bands on all day which is the cherry on the cake.


Thank you Dan, it’s great having you at Adventure. Here’s to the future!

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