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free website security checklist

In our Website Review Checklist, one of your tasks is to check in on your website security in your ‘back end’ (that’s the technical bit that only you and your web developer sees not anything else!). We thought it might be useful if we went into a bit more detail, so here is a quick […]

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WordPress Care Packages

We often get asked; Why is a WordPress Care Package needed for a brand new website? Or indeed, for a website of any age.   People are often expecting their websites to be all singing and dancing immediately but, unfortunately, it doesn’t work quite like that.   Websites are often given lots of attention initially.

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3 Reasons why cheap hosting can damage your business 1

Why cheap web hosting isn’t the bargain, you think it is. We know that you can get web hosting much cheaper than the package we offer. We also see why that is. It’s essential you do too. Cheap hosting is cheap because it is usually, and pretty much universally, unreliable, insecure and of poor quality.

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