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Design trends: Bold typography


Bigger and bolder is currently better

Over time design styles change. What is en vogue for fonts and spacing one year can be more el freak than on fleek the next.

A recent development we’ve seen in typography for branding and website design has been the use of big, bold statement fonts to make a real impact.


Using clean, bold, stand-out fonts helps to attract interest – even among the shortest of attention spans. They can be used to great effect to grab the reader’s eye and emphasise key messages.

Major media outlets such as and Hubspot are adopting bold typography in their content layouts, covers and website designs. The trend is moving towards using different size fonts to emphasise different titles and determine the hierarchy of information. Bold text is being positioned front and centre, with graphics being used as support.

Why should you care?

Time taken to digest content is fast approaching nano seconds. Concise, punchy copy with bold fonts are needed to capture attention – you need to get in quick.

57% of customers say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site and 40% have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad experience. The Mobile Playbook

Last year mobile web browsing overtook desktop search for the very first time. This shift to mobile will also increase the need for bold fonts. More and more people will be accessing content via a phone and the way that content is presented will be key to attracting customers.


For a great example of how bold typography can emphasise core services and make an immediate impact to get a point across, check out the website we’ve designed and developed with Shaping Change.

Shaping-Change-iPad-iphoneThe fully responsive, personal training website really packs a punch with bold, clean fonts overlaid onto graphics which tell a real story. Large, white, upper case typography with a stylistic orange full stop, clearly communicate the services on offer from corporate fitness training, private personal training sessions through to the lunch busters classes.

Using strong statements including ‘Time saving’, ‘Effort rewarded’, ‘World Class Trainers’, fitness enthusiasts and website users get an instant impression of personal trainer Chris Heron and his talented team.

Want to be bolder?

Fortune favours the brave, so why not drop us a line and see how we can help you with your next adventure.

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