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Driving traffic to your website using Facebook


Is Facebook working as hard as you are?

Well, in short, why not? It should be.

With over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users, it really should. And it’s not rocket science either.

The team here at Adventure have pulled together a few of our favourite, super simple tips to help make your Facebook page work harder for your website:

Match your Facebook page with your website

Is every clickable part of your Facebook page optimised for engagement? Does your profile have a link to your website? How about your “About” tab? Does your directions page take you to a map? Does every event take you to the events calendar of your site to provide more information or option to make a booking?

Every section of your Facebook page is an opportunity to marry up the content with your website.


Tell people where to go

No, don’t be rude! We mean make sure your Facebook posts are also optimised for website clicks to maximise interactions.

Direct people to relevant URLs, not just the main site. If it’s a call to action such as ‘Get in touch’ make sure when they click it goes to the contact page. If you want people to ’Find out more about our widgets’, take them to the very product page you are wanting the to know more about.

Make it easy for people to engage with your content and find the relevant information on your website.

Blog, boast and backlink

A steady stream of fresh, new, interesting and insightful content works both ways in boosting social engagement and driving traffic to your website. It’s a simple three stage cycle:


  • Write a blog and add a call to action at the bottom stating “Visit our Facebook Page for latest news”, make sure it’s hyperlinked and then post in on your site


  • Write a witty and compelling post for Facebook about your new blog and post as status update


  • Link your Facebook post back to your blog (specific URL remember)

And you’ve got a perfect content loop!

We’ve got loads more…

If you want other tips to attract more web traffic, get in touch to see how you can make the most of Facebook in your next adventure.

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