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What’s hot in branding

Is branding on your 2017 to do list?

Brand engagement has never been so important, with customers from all demographics wanting to engage with a brand as part of the buying experience. Whether you’re a startup crafting your very first brand identity, or an established business looking for a facelift, there are certainly some key visual branding trends that you should tap into if branding is on your to do list for this year.


There are two main colour trend predictions for 2017 ~ primary colours and earthy minerals.

Pantone-color-of-the-year-2017-greenery-15-0343-coffee-mugThe former will most likely take the form of vector logos and bold colour palettes to attract millennials who are still enjoying the rebirth of 90’s retro styling, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is a one trick pony. Team red, yellow, blue and green (yes, we know that’s secondary), with manmade material textures like concrete, and you have an altogether more stylish affair, appealing to city slickers and the newly emerging market of ‘gritty women’ ~ a popular and engagement-hungry target audience for many brands this year.

On the other side of the trend (and colour) spectrum we have the earthy mineral prediction, which is largely centred around Pantone’s colour of the year ‘Greenery’ (Ref: 15-0343). Hot on the tail of this “fresh and zesty yellow green shade” are an array of deep hues like khaki and olive green, complementing brick reds, maroons, clay grey shades and rich sunflower yellows.

The emergence of this particular trend comes as no surprise after the popularity of clean eating exploded across social media in 2016. We expect to see the ‘earthy minerals’ colour palette being widely used to market many food products this year, alongside transparent food packaging, which is a hot topic for this sector (check out our work with Clarity4Food).


Unfiltered photographs showing raw emotion and unaltered reality will be big this year. We can really picture this style of photography alongside both of the colour trends we’ve discussed and welcome a far more natural take on emotive brand photography.

As for products rather than people, it’s going to be more about the product itself rather than the packaging, which we think Lurpak is already doing brilliantly in its ‘Cooks Range’ ad. Again that unfiltered natural styling is key here. It’s not just the food industry that will be heading this direction. Brands like Ivy Park are leading the way, showcasing clothing in a completely unfiltered fashion (excuse the pun), with their uber-stylish marketing campaign.

YouTube video

2017 design trends in one word ~ raw

If we were to summarise the design trends for this year in just one word, we’d say ‘raw’. Nature is going to be a big influencer, along with the visual outputs of uncontrolled processes like rock formation and salt crystallisation. On the flip side, recycled materials will be popular in the creation of new products and will no doubt influence the design of associated marketing materials too.

Even the use of primary colours is raw in some sense because they are to some extent untouched. We’re looking forward to working with some of these concepts as the year unfolds and will be sure to share them with you on social media.

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