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How do you take yours?

Tea - how do you take yours?

As we all know, making a good cup of tea is not a gift all of us mortals possess (even if you are British!).

There’s the ‘show the mug the tea bag’ type tea makers. The ‘leave it for 5 minutes till the spoon stands up on its own’ type tea makers. Or the ‘drown it with milk’ type tea makers. Or the ‘put the milk in first’ type tea makers. The list goes on.

The thing is, we are all individuals. We all like it slightly differently. And tea drinkers, well they always think their way is the right way, don’t they? We’re creatures of habit for sure.

Our gift to you today is your very own office tea chart. Print it off. Write your name under the perfect shade for you. Stick it in your tea/coffee making area and hey presto, we’re all happy! Coffee drinkers you can join in too! We’ll let you, just put a ‘C’ by your name!

Although if this weather carries on, we’ll all be resorting to our American friend’s iced versions!

Happy tea, or coffee, break people.

Download your PDF tea chart here

Tea - how do you take yours?

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