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Jumping on the Band Wagon


The FIFA World Cup 2018 has arrived, and England has won their first opening game since 2006.

Is it ok to start getting a teeny weeny bit hopeful?

Possibly, but is too early to start thinking about how you could use the World Cup (and England’s possible success) for your business’s benefit? We think not.

First off, FIFA don’t like people using any of their official logos so steer well clear of those. Oh, and looking like you’re an official sponsor. They don’t like that either. So do use caution!

What they can’t do anything about though is using world cup fever to promote your product or service. That is fair game.

So, how can you make the most of the World Cup event (and let’s be honest we might have to be quick, the moment could be over before it starts)?


Encouragement participation and enjoyment.  Build a rapport with your target market, whether that’s engaging with the football hype or sympathising with the football despisers.

Use social media. Make it fun, or competitive!

You can use ‘caption competition’ and polls (who are you supporting? for example, or score predictions).


Flash sales can work in celebration…or in commiseration. You just need to think ahead slightly.

20% off. 2 for 1. Buy one get one free. Alternatively, you could get even more creative and link to the actual match in some way.


Is there any connection between your business and Russia or Football? If there is, get it out there!

If there isn’t, create banter and support for the event (or use humour if you’re not totally in support!).

Amend your website for the duration of the World Cup; make it different, make it stand out, make it enticing.


Spec Savers

How smart can you be? Out of the depths of despair, when England lost to Germany (again), in 2010 Specsavers played a blinder….(did you see what we did there?)

It could pay dividends if you give some thought to both eventualities.


Top Tip – Don’t share your amazingly clever marketing ploy during the match. It won’t be fully appreciated. Be tactical. Think outside of the box.


If you think of a great idea and need a quick turnaround piece of artwork or print or a temporary website change, Warwick and Dan are on standby… Give them a call on 0121 354 1010.

Come on England! Give us time to use our ideas!

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