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Making sense of GDPR

Making sense of GDPR

Oh gosh. The advent of the most significant shake-up to data protection legislation since the 1998 Data Protection Act is undoubtedly causing a few heads to ache. Ours included!

It has to be said; there is a case for taking in too much information. We all know that moment. It’s supposed to be getting clearer the more you read, the more you research but it’s like you know less. Brain overload right there!

The internet is flooded with a wealth of information about the Regulations. If you want to read and read and read you will not run short but how much of it is making sense? As the 25th May 2018 looms closer a quiet panic is starting to rise.

  • What does it all mean?
  • Which parts apply to us?
  • How can we ensure we are meeting all of its requirements?
  • What data are they talking about?
  • What about personal details we already hold?
  • How do we inform people?
  • How do we store the data securely?
  • What do we do with our member systems?
  • How do make sure we provide a ‘right to be forgotten’?
  • Who is a data processor?
  • Who is a data controller?
  • What do we do with credit card details?
  • How do I get a privacy policy?
  • Where do I display it?

Questions, questions, questions. Definitive answers are what we need.

Throughout March we will be running a series of blogs and Q and A’s to help you make sense of it all in the kind of terms we like. Layman terms!

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Together, we can make it through!

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