Making your website secure

Just as you keep your home and car locked, and as safe as possible, you also need to do the same for your website.

Why is all this so important?

Your actual website is of course a huge priority for your business. Too often though we make the mistake of seeing our website as something ‘stand alone’. In actual fact your website is part of a vast ‘virtual’ community.

It helps to think of your website as your digital ‘home’. All of the upkeep, legal requirements and security measures you have to consider for your real home you also need to consider for your digital one;

  • Just as you pay your mortgage to retain your home you need a domain name and hosting for your website.
  • Just as you pay the TV licence or the council tax you need to have certain legal requirements like the SSL certificate or the upcoming GDPR.
  • Just as you have to have the boiler checked or repaint/refresh the décor you need to update your website software regularly.
  • Just as you install an alarm or have window locks you need to increase the security of your website.
  • Just as you need to put your bins out on a weekly basis you need to clean and empty the ‘trash’ on your website.
  • Just as you have to do the housework you need to keep your website clean.

I’m sure you are getting the picture.

Creating your all-singing, all-dancing website is of course seriously important but the after care and maintenance of your site is just as important.

Looking after your website means you maintain and increase its performance (which is crucial to retain and grow your customer base) and ensure it is secure and not vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The quality of your hosting and maintenance package is imperative. You also have to consider legislation (like the GDPR 2018)  that affects how you use your website and manage customer information.

The great news is we can help with all of it.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. It can feel like a minefield but we will able to guide you through it safely!

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