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We can design and build high impact e-commerce websites of any size, for any industry and the good news is they may not also be quite as costly as you think.

If you have items to sell online congratulations! You’re way ahead.

In 2017 the UK is second only to Norway for making e-commerce purchases in Europe. The market and possibilities are enormous.

Selling online means that your website needs will be significantly different and more complicated to a ‘regular’ site.

As with our brochure websites you still have a choice around how your site is built.

WordPress E-Commerce Websites

WordPress websites use WooCommerce to enable you to sell online. The beauty of WordPress with WooCommerce is its versatility, ease of use and value for money.

It used to be that if you wanted an e-commerce website, you needed to have a bespoke design. This is no longer the case.

For smaller online shops WordPress is a viable and cost-effective option. By smaller online shops we mean selling up to 100 products. Anything over 100 may require a bespoke built site.

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Bespoke E-commerce Websites

Bespoke sites are developed from scratch using our easy-to-use content management system. A bespoke shopping site allows you to create your pages and functions exactly as you envisage them. In effect, you are starting with a blank canvas.

As they do not use a template, bespoke sites do take longer and cost more than the WordPress option. However, it may be a necessary choice to meet the needs of your e-commerce website fully.

If you are thinking long-term, and have the budget to do so, bespoke sites offer more ‘growing room’ as your business expands.

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How can we help you?

Following discussions with you about your online selling business we would present you with all the options we think are suitable. We only offer you solutions that we believe will work for you.

An e-commerce website that cannot, for example, cope with the number of products or amount of traffic expected to visit your site could be disastrous to your business and reputation. It’s even more crucial to make sure that the website you choose for your online shop is capable and suitable for your business.

When dealing with online shopping websites, we always think about:

  • Content – How is the information, images and descriptions, displayed?
  • Call to Actions – How can we entice the browser?
  • Security – How do we make sure the customers feel secure enough to buy?
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – How can we use SEO to gain, and increase sales?
  • Check out – How do we make this hassle free & straightforward?
  • Credibility – How do we highlight your contact details to increase customer confidence?
  • Responsiveness – How do we make it easy to view on every type of device?
  • Efficiency – How do we ensure fast response speeds and website performance?
  • Maximisation – How can we provide opportunities to increase revenue per visit & capture email leads*?

Website Training

If you’re worried that it still wouldn’t be simple enough, you can breathe easy. CMS training is included in all our websites, and we are always on hand to take your phone call and help you if you have forgotten something or, as these computers tend to, for some reason it just won’t work!

Need something even more individualised?

If you do need a site that requires highly personalised programming (say, for example, you need a price calculator or booking/membership system) take a look at our Advanced Systems page for more advice.

*We will only offer solutions that are GDPR and data law compliant.

Brochure Websites

Do you need to display your products and services on your website but not actually sell them? A brochure website enables you to showcase your business and share information with your audience.


Do you want to give the visitor the opportunity to buy your product or service? An online shop, also known as an e-commerce website, will provide you with a catalogue, basket and payment facility.

Advanced Systems

Are you thinking of something a little more complex and individualised like a members area, a booking system or an internal portal? Our advanced programming systems can create this for you.

Want to sell online?

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