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Small Businesses and Christmas: 8 ways to get the most out of Christmas

Small Businesses & Christmas: 8 ways to get the most out of Christmas

Small businesses and Christmas.


We know, we know, it’s only September but if you are a small business, Christmas will come around super quick!


Here are 8 ways your small business can be super organised for Christmas!


Review your website

Get in touch with your web designers and start thinking about how your website can promote your christmas range or encompass the festive season.

Do some research

Google your business in relation to Christmas and the kinds of questions that come up that people are looking for answers to. Use it in your seasonal marketing strategy.

Create a theme

Branding is still important at Christmas. You want to keep your branding recognisable but also add some festive elements that create something new and engaging.

Add Christmas products

If you have an  e-commerce website, start adding your products now and saving them as drafts. You will then have time to go back and make sure you have optimised them.

Organise stationery

Do you need to promote your christmas services/products with leaflets or order Christmas stickers or tags? This is the time to do it so you can take advantage of the cheaper, longer print delivery dates.

Spread Christmas cheer

How can you use the festive season to create some noise and good feeling that will set you apart from your competitors? Think Christmas comps, scratch cards, loyalty promos, gifts, cards etc.

Promote yourself

Similar to the above point, and especially relevant for retail and hospitality, use the Christmas spirit as a chance to encourage the sharing, tagging and check-in of your shop/place.  (We can recommend Paper Ballards for this!)

Make a plan

Definitely learn by our mistakes!! You can have so many different ideas for Christmas but they need to be thought out and planned and this takes time. Start now, even in September!!

If you need any help with ideas for your website, e-commerce website guidance  to get ready for Christmas or print and design, drop us a message here. We would love to help!


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