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Straight from the Horse’s Mouth


Well, the 25th May came and went, didn’t it? A bit like the millennium hype, the world didn’t crumble and we’re all still here.

In reality,  GDPR is about how we manage and control and use the data that we store and ask for. It is ongoing and all of our responsibility.

It is about us becoming more responsible and transparent.

What it is not about is getting fresh consent from everyone in the world that you send marketing information, or any information, to. Just because everyone else in the world is sending out email opt-in’s, doesn’t mean we all have to.

Yes, consent is very important, however, there are 5 other legal basis for holding and controlling data. The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) does not want to stop businesses from being able to market themselves and grow. GDPR is not about stifling us. What it does want is for you to consider how fairly, and least intrusively, you can do this.

This is an interesting blog by Steve Wood, Deputy Commissioner for Policy, debunking myths about GDPR that might be useful for our clients and followers to read.

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Hope you find it useful and any queries or questions you have about GDPR and your business feel free to get in touch. If we don’t know the answers we can help you find the people who can.

Although life is carrying on pretty much the same, we do all need to start to make some changes.

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