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A website revamp is not just about refreshing the design aspect of the site. It is about ensuring your website is in tip-top shape.

People often don’t realise that websites need care and attention.

An initial build is just the start. Browsers and technology are constantly updating and if your website starts to fall behind it can affect its functionality, usability, search listings and security. Even if you are still happy with the visual design of your website it may still benefit from a revamp.

Our website revamps always start with your objectives. What do you want to change or achieve more of? From there we can really make sure that your website revamp adds values and starts to impact on your conversion rate, visits to your site and online enquiries.

Each revamp will be unique to the individual website however typically it will involve:

  • Tweaking the website design to keep it fresh, modern and reflective of your current branding.
  • Maximising the customer contact options and call to actions.
  • Reviewing the content ensuring that it is working with and complimenting your search engine optimisation (SEO) through the use of keywords and SEO friendly copy (is it driving traffic to your site?)
  • Ensuring the site is optimally responsive for all devices
  • Securing the website by updating software and plugins (out of date software has been deemed the biggest reason for cyber attacks and hacking)
  • Assessing the functionality (is the website communicating well with your customers? Is the visitor experience positive?)
  • Increasing the speed and processing time of the website

How will you know if your website needs a revamp?

In some cases, it is easy to see. You site might look dated or it might be that your business direction has shifted focus and your site no longer reflects your goals. In other cases, the signs might be more subtle and the be in the performance of the site. For example, does it buffer frequently or take a while to load a page? Or it might be that your visitors and search listings are dipping.

There could be many reasons. If you are not sure drop us a line. We’re happy to take a look at your site and let you know what we think.

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