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We often hear phrases like ‘brand guidelines’ that sound so on-trend, but are they really necessary? At Adventure we really do think they are and this is why…

We spend so much time and energy creating a perfect new logo that reflects both your company’s purpose and vision and then… Well, that is often where it ends really.

Think about how often a logo is used?

All the time, right? But is it always used in the same way? Well, no. Even a small business will use their logo on their letterheads, on their vehicles (if they have them), on social media, on invoices, on merchandise; the list goes on and on.

The problem is that the logo will need to change shape, possibly even change its structure for each purpose. So straight away that perfect logo isn’t quite so perfect.

By taking the time to devise brand guidelines for your new logo/look you eradicate the risk of your brand being used in an ad-hoc way and ensure that your vision and image remains intact and strong at all times.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are effectively a set of rules that you can pass on to anyone responsible for marketing your business.

Typically, brand guidelines would include:

  • Your vision and mission statement.
  • Your values including your beliefs and style, eg tone of voice
  • Different versions of your logo
  • Colour palette
  • Typography
  • Design options, eg watermarks
  • Icons and social media uses

We understand that larger companies will require more detailed brand guidelines than a small business. We only ever provide you with what you will need.

Our brand guidelines start from £150 + vat


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Hey, I need some brand guidelines!

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