Brochure Design

Bit old-school? Yes, possibly.
Effective? Absolutely.
Versatile? Oh yeah!

Let us show you why you should still have plenty of love for this established favourite…

Brochure Design has been the staple of company marketing for years. Then along came the ‘new – kid’ and suddenly people are thinking a printed brochure is old fashioned, not necessary and obsolete.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Has the advent of the Kindle or iPad banished bookshops and sales to room 101? Despite initial fears, no, it hasn’t. For the same reason, brochures and printed materials will always have a crucial role in how we communicate with our potential customers.

People seem to inherently like tangible paper products. It makes them feel safe. It builds trust and rapport with your business. It makes people want to own/have something.

Of course, we do now operate in a digital age so it would be foolhardy of us not to adapt our brochure design to work hard tangibly and virtually. If you don’t think you need a printed version of a brochure have you thought about using brochures as a PDF online or using it in both formats? It’s a visually appealing, stress-free method of browsing your products/services and disseminating copious amounts of information to your client base that would be too overwhelming on a web page or social media platforms

Oh, and by the way, have you seen a brochure lately? They are getting seriously cool!


Hadsham Farm Weddings

“Thanks so much to Adventure Graphics for the fantastic brochure they produced for us in a tight timescale. We just sent the photos and text and they did the rest – and in just the right style to suit our business! Thanks guys!”

Charlie Taylor - Hadsham Farm Weddings

Brochure Design is a magical world of creative opportunity. So many options. So many concepts. Your brand will come alive. Here are just a few reasons why brochures could work for you!

  • They will give your business/organisation credibility
  • They are cost-effective
  • They are entirely personalised
  • They let you pass on lots of information
  • They are oh, so versatile
  • They are easily accessible and attractive to look at

Brochure prices start from £300

Copywriting services start from £200


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