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Icons are an increasingly popular intrinsic part of modern, digital design.

Not only do we have icon symbols, but we also have icon logos and icon graphics. What is it all about?

We are no stranger to icons. Think of toilet signs, road signs, warnings on chemicals etc. Icons are visual, clear and easily recognisable.  They direct us, inform us, warn us.

So how are icons relevant in design?

With the emergence of social media and smartphones how we access the internet has changed.

We do not always view websites on our 21-inch monitor screen or 17-inch laptop but on our 3-5 inch iPhone. This means those beautiful big logos we so lovingly created do not display so well in this responsive world.

Businesses now often have a logo or icon, that can be used easily in social media.

It also means that graphic icons are used more often to illustrate headings rather than full sentences or wordy headers.

It makes sites more user-friendly and can be filtered through all of the branding creating consistency and recognition.

Whether you need a logo icon or a selection of graphic icons here at Adventure, we will work with you to ensure that the icons you use are professional, functional and in line with your company image and ethos.

We love the scope and ingenuity of icons. Bring yourself entirely up to date and see what ‘iconic’ (excuse the pun) designs we can create for you…

Icon Design starts from £40 + vat


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