Packaging Design

Why do some products fly off the shelves whilst others flounder? Yes, it may have something to do with quality, taste etc but more often than not it is to do with the image and impact of the wrapping or container.

Yep, we are that fickle!

Packaging Design is a huge area. We live in a society so full of choice it can be overwhelming and sometimes impossible to choose. So what makes the difference? What makes us pick one product over another when often what’s inside is incredibly similar.

We always think wine is a good example. Most of us are not wine connoisseurs so how do we choose from the endless bottles on the shelves? We choose the label we like don’t we? That is the power of packaging design.

Here at Adventure, we will always keep ‘sales’ at the forefront of all of our designs for your products. We will always ask ‘‘would I pick up this product?’ This is, after all, the ultimate goal.

When we design packaging we are always thinking:

  • Will it stand out?
  • Is it simple and clear?
  • Is it durable time-wise?
  • Will it connect with the customer?
  • Is it memorable?

Packaging Design starts from £100 + vat

I want my products to stand out on the shelf

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I want my products to stand out on the shelf

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