Planning your website

Designing the structure of your website is crucial to its functionality and success. Here are a few pointers for you to consider.

Coming up with everything you need for your website can feel a bit daunting.

First of all, it’s important that you think about the layout of your website and come up with a rough plan. We call this a site plan.

All websites have a home page. This is where your visitor first lands. It is one of your site’s most important pages.

This is where you capture your browser’s attention… or lose it…

At Adventure, we take the time to advise each client individually to ensure that their homepage reflects their USP, their image and their product or service. A bit like fingerprints, no two home pages are identical.

From the home page, you will have your top line navigation. These are the pages you can go to from your home page. Typically they include:

  • About us/Who are we?
  • Products/Services
  • Our Work
  • Contact Us (including a contact form)
  • Terms and Privacy (with the GDPR coming into force in May 2018 these will become essential. Options are available to include within another page if budget is restricted)

Other pages that you may want to consider including are:

  • Additional services/products pages
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Testimonials (these can have their own page, be attached to the relevant work/project or be placed on all/some of the pages)
  • Blog
  • News
  • Advanced systems, eg member areas, portals,

The style and design of your website are entirely up to you. We know what works best, and what is useful for individual industries, and will advise and guide you. To give you some idea of the scope here are a selection of the features available for your website that can increase its usability and impact:

  • Google Maps
  • Email sign up
  • Social media newsfeed
  • Video
  • Sliding Banners
  • Image galleries
  • Animated pods
  • Call to action facilities

What do you need on your website?

Here are a few points for you to bear in mind and consider.

Show me what I need

Hope this has given you some food for thought. Give us a call to discuss your ideas.
We’d love to hear them!

Brochure Websites

Do you need to display your products and services on your website but not actually sell them? A brochure website enables you to showcase your business and share information with your audience.


Do you want to give the visitor the opportunity to buy your product or service? An online shop, also known as an e-commerce website, will provide you with a catalogue, basket and payment facility.

Advanced Systems

Are you thinking of something a little more complex and individualised like a members area, a booking system or an internal portal? Our advanced programming systems can create this for you.

Take the time to explore our web section and please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re really happy to help with any advice or questions you have.

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