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5 Minutes With Caitlin Beales, Junior Graphic Designer

Caitlin Profile Photo

We thought it was time we introduce the newest member of the Adventure Team and tell you a little bit about her!


Say hi to Caitlin Beales, our Junior Designer here at Adventure!



Hi Caitlin! Thank you for joining me. Do you want to tell us a little bit about yourself and what you like doing?

Hello, so I am Caitlin. I think the office would say I’m a bit of a talker, asking random questions daily.
We love your questions! ‘What is your favourite supermarket, to walk round?’ and “What colour horse would you have?’ are some of our favourites!!
It’s good you love them!
We really do. What do you do when you’re not at work?
When I’m not yapping in the office, I enjoy spending time with my little dog Teddy and my boyfriend – probably talking to them both too much to.
Aw, we love Ted! He’s been a gorgeous added bonus. We love him coming in.
He does love coming in and lounging around bless him. I think he really likes the team.
How about yourself? How have you found your first 2 months? You joined at a difficult time for us but you have just fitted in so well and done amazing.
I’ve really enjoyed my first 2 months. I feel like I feel I have really settled in nicely. The team are so lovely and now that I have been forced into watching Lord of the Rings by them all I feel like I fit in even more.
Haha, yes watching Lord Of The Rings is a requirement to work here, even I have to! What did you previously do for work?

I only graduated last July so this is my first permanent design role. I actually worked at a Wetherspoons for 5 years part-time whilst I was studying. I did spend a 3 months interning at 3 different design agencies in London and Bristol, gaining experience in design and copywriting.

Those experiences must have helped you develop as a designer since leaving uni. You can turn your hand to anything we give you! What kind of projects are your favourite to work on?

I love working on branding projects. It always so satisfying developing a logo in the early stages and watching it all come to life. I also do like to dabble in copywriting as my copywriting internship was my favourite out of the 3.

Did you always want to work in this field?

I started graphic design when I was in year 8 and it has always interested me. It was always the subject I got the best grade in during GCSE’s and A-Levels, so it just felt right to try and get a job relating to it. I definitely think I was made for a creative job.

It’s so lovely you’ve had an interest in design from such a young age. What are you looking forward to in your new role?

Working with small businesses to help elevate their branding. I’m also interested in learning how to develop websites.

We can’t wait to see the work you produce! We are very lucky to have on the team.

Now lets do your quickfire round:

  • Chocolate or Crisps?– Chocolate
  • Wine or Beer?– Wine (preferably white)
  • Walking or cycling?– Walking
  • Dogs or Cats?– Dogs
  • Tea or Coffee? – Coffee (iced)
  • Summer or Winter?– Actually Spring
  • Red sauce or Brown?– Red (Heinz)
  • Emailer or brochure?– Brochure
  • Driving holidays or flying?– Flying (love a city break)
  • Active holidays or beach holidays?– Active
  • Cosy nights in or wild nights out?– Cosy nights in
  • City or Countryside?– City
  • Passenger or Driver?– Passenger
  • Soaps or Box sets?– Box sets
  • Star Wars or Star Trek? – I haven’t watched either (I’m sure I will be pressured into this soon)

I’m sure you will. Well, Star Wars for sure! They are good though I promise! We’ll look forward to your unique film reviews, we love those too!

Thank you again, Caitlin. It’s so good having you as part of the team.



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