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5 Minutes With Dan Birch, Adventure Graphics

Dan Birch Graphic and Web Designer Adventure Graphics

We thought it was about time we introduced our newest Adventure team member to you in more detail.

Say hi to Dan Birch, our new Graphic and Web Designer here at Adventure!

Hi Dan! Thank you for joining me. First of all, do you want to tell us a little bit about yourself and what you like doing?
I am just your regular 6ft 4” hobbit, who wants to stay inside my hobbit hole but keep getting pestered by people wanting to drag me out for ‘adventures’. But in all seriousness, I like to take it easy and either go out for walks, visit great food places or pop out to some shops where I can potter around for a few hours, and then go back home, put my feet up and play some games or watch TV.

Love the analogy! And now you’re on a new adventure!! How has your first few weeks at with us gone? We feel like it’s all worked out so well and it’s been a pleasure to have you in the team and around the office.
It’s gone really well thank you, this is my first job within a design agency so it’s been really fun to learn new skills and processes.

What were you doing in your last job?
I was a Graphic Designer/Marketing Assistant for a rail management company for over 5 years, it was my first design job and I learned a lot of fantastic skills that I continue to use every day. I learned a lot about communicating design principles within a non-design sector, and being able to help create visuals and concepts on large scale projects.

What projects have you enjoyed working on here?
I always love to work on branding projects, so it has been great to get stuck in on the varying digital/print designs I have been working on for our clients recently. It doesn’t matter how many times it happens, the feeling you get when holding something you have designed in your hands is amazing.

Did you always want to be a designer?
Growing up I wanted to be a footballer, and I’m sure I would have been the world’s greatest player with contracts thrown at him, but in High School I fell in love with design and became fascinated with wood and metal design when I helped my dad work on projects in his workshop. This evolved into studying Product Design at University, and over the last 10 years I have moved into digital and print design.

Aww the football world missed out!! What do you enjoy most about the job (you’ve chosen!?)
I love a challenge and expanding my skill set, a lot of the skills I have learned have come from the need to jump in the deep end and try something new to solve a problem, or push a marketing strategy to the next level.

I know you that your wife has a really cool business and we love the branding you did for her. Do you want to tell us bit about that?
Thanks for the plug haha! My wife Hollie runs a business called ‘Pretty Odd’, a local Prince’s Trust backed business, in 2015 she started as an award-winning event and prop hire business, working with clients on personal, corporate and commercial events.  But during the pandemic, all events stopped and the need to pivot to a new direction was required. The company now specialises in ‘traditional treats for heart & home’, suppliers of hand picked quality items and provisions, as well as bespoke ‘POP SHOP!’ branded products that we both design and create.

It really is a brilliant business. You should both be so proud especially how you’ve adapted during COVID. It’s certainly been a bit of crazy few years hasn’t it? I think we have all learnt things about ourselves, and lessons, along the way. What would you say is your biggest learning from the pandemic.
Absolutely, it has been a very taxing and eye-opening experience for all of us, with a lot of priorities and opinions changing forever.
I think the biggest lesson I have learned is to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. I mentioned I like to take it easy before, well that has come from necessity after contracting COVID last year and being affected with Long-COVID symptoms ever since. It has been a challenging time, and I have had to deal with fatigue and joint pain problems every day, so learning my new limits, and changing daily routines that include yoga, a better diet and exercise plan has been a silver lining to a rubbish situation. Plus I only moan about how hard done by I am about 5 times a day now, so that’s progress.

Aww, that is progress! Hollie must be pleased!! Now that things are getting back to normal, where would you like to travel to if you can?
New Zealand is on the list for sure, we would love to visit Hobbiton and lots of different areas where The Lord of The Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia were filmed. New Zealand or Italy, we love pizza and pasta too.

That’s on our list too. One day hopefully! Well, we’re really happy you are on the road to recovery and. that you’ve joined us as part of your reassessment. What are you looking forward to working on now you’re at Adventure?
I am excited to learn more about web design, I have played around with basic coding and layout design, so learning to create high quality website designs by Warwick and Sam is going to be a major skill set to add to my list.

I’m sure they are looking forward to working with you on them too. How are you finding your new boss?! You can be honest 😂
He’s been great, the whole team have been really welcoming and supportive too. I’ve probably settled in too well, and they might want me to go back to being quieter…

I think we are all enjoying the new dynamics in the office. It’s been fun!

Thank you so much for your time Dan. Just one thing left. Your ‘this or that’!!

  • Chocolate or Crisps?– Crisps
  • Wine or Beer?– Beer
  • Walking or cycling?– Walking
  • Dogs or Cats?– Cats
  • Tea or Coffee? – Coffee
  • Summer or Winter?– Winter (controversial)
  • Red sauce or Brown?– Red
  • Emailer or brochure?– Brochure
  • Driving holidays or flying?– Driving
  • Active holidays or beach holidays?– Beach
  • Cosy nights in or wild nights out?– Cosy nights in
  • City or Countryside?– Countryside
  • Passenger or Driver?– Driver
  • Soaps or Box sets?– Box sets
  • Star Wars or Star Trek? – Star Trek (sorry Warwick)

He might just forgive you for that last one!! But you do love LOTRs so I think you’re okay!!

We think all of our clients will love working with Dan like we are.

And if you’d like to support Dan and Hollie, give Pretty Odd a follow on Instagram or Facebook.

Photo credit to Lisa at Business & Branding Photography. Thank you!

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