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5 Minutes With Lau Graves, Graphic and Web Designer

new graphic and web designer at adventure graphics

We’re delighted to introduce you to our new Graphic and Web Designer, Laurie (pronounced law-re, and ‘Lau’ for short!).

As is the Adventure ‘way’, that means that it’s time for another ‘5 Minutes With…’.


Let’s find out a bit more about our new Graphic and Web Designer, and his first few weeks with us….

Hi Lau! Thank you for joining me. First of all, do you want to tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, I’m a proud Dad of 3 young girls and my wife has tolerated my bad puns, shepherd’s pie and devotion to Tottenham Hotspur FC.
Aw, bless her. I’m sure there are lots of good things too! Where did you meet?
 We met at Derby Uni in 2000 and now we live in Lichfield (which is actually one of the smallest cities in the world) We’re very happy we’re getting a cinema after 30 years of living there. With that in mind, I’m a movie aficionado and very handy in a pub quiz.
We might hold you to that!! An Adventure quiz team! You and Warwick should know everything!! (about film, lol) So what things do you like?
 It goes without saying that the other thing I’m obsessed with is design. Whether it’s graphics, cinematography, architecture (love Grand Designs), products, or film props – I appreciate it all and the thought that goes into it.

We love Grand Designs too. And the Small Spaces programme. So, did you always want to be a designer?

If you don’t count being Indiana Jones when I was 8, yes, I’ve always wanted to be a designer. It was a simple and clear path for me from school onwards.

Ha! We love Indiana Jones too!! 
What do you enjoy working on the most, would you say?

I like websites, branding and advertising, to be honest. Having worked on most types of design projects over the years, they are all rewarding when the client is happy with the outcome.

And that there is the challenge!!

Yes, indeed but that can make it even more rewarding.

Having designed for over 20 years with companies such as Simple, Birmingham University and Konami, I thrive on the challenge of each project, to be honest, and love working with a diverse range of clients. 

That’s great, and perfect for us as we do work with a wide range of clients. How have you found your first few weeks in your new Graphic and Web Designer role?

 I’m enjoying it. It’s nice to work with a very friendly, creative and hard-working team, who love many of the things that I do (not including Warwick’s love of Leicester City).
That is a very real love!! What are you looking forward to with Adventure?
 I’m looking forward to getting to know Adventure’s clients and have already enjoyed working on a diverse range of projects.
And what do you think you bring to Adventure?
 Mostly my experience and creative input but also my geeky film facts!
We love a geeky film fact!! It’s been nice to discuss our current box set viewing! (for those that are interested, we’ve been talking about Last of Us, The Mandalorian & The Godfather of Harlem).
It’s also been great that we’ve been able to benefit from your experience and expertise as a Graphic and Web Designer because we could be more flexible with our working hours. That’s really something that came out of lockdown for us, that it’s about the team and how we fit together rather than sticking to regular working hours etc.
Bit of a philosophical question, but what did you learn from the pandemic experience?
 To enjoy and look forward to the little things every day and how lucky we are to be living in the modern age, where we can stay connected with each other. Also that I can’t bake chocolate cookies!!

But we all tried!! That’s so true. And the little things do really mean the most, don’t they?

They really do.

Right. After that serious moment, it’s time for your ‘quick fire’ round. Are you ready?

Yep. Let’s go for it.


  • Chocolate or Crisps? Chocolate (and lots of it!)
  • Wine or Beer? Wine (Red or White? White. red is the Devil’s work!!)
  • Walking or cycling? Walking (I don’t like falling into hedges on a bike!)
  • Dogs or Cats?– Dogs (& thank you for being so lovely to Brody!)
  • Tea or Coffee? – Tea
  • Summer or Winter? Summer
  • Red sauce or Brown?– Red
  • Emailer or brochure?– Brochure
  • Driving holidays or flying? Flying (I have 3 young kids and need to get places fast as possible!)
  • Active holidays or beach holidays? Active
  • Cosy nights in or wild nights out? Cosy nights in (again, I have 3 young kids!)
  • City or Countryside?– Countryside
  • Passenger or Driver?– Driver
  • Soaps or Box sets? Box sets (are soaps still going!)
  • Star Wars or Star Trek? impossible question, like choosing your favourite child 

Ooh, controversial Lau, wait till Warwick reads it ha ha! He might make you choose!

Thanks so much, Lau, it’s a pleasure to have you in the office, and we know our clients will love your work (and are loving your work).


The future is exciting!


If you’d like to find out a bit more about Graphic and Web Design Team, click here.



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