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5 Reasons You Need Website Animations

website animations lottie animations

Website Animations. What are they?

Before we get too carried away, we’re not talking about Disney Pixar! That can be done, of course, but that would be with a specialist company. When we talk about Website Animation, we talk about 2D vector animation. So it is more straightforward but still very effective.


Another thing to clarify is that when we build websites, we always use some ‘animation’ like text sliding in and images appearing in a staggered format. This is also called ‘animation’ because it moves when we say ‘Website Animations’; we think about something designed for your business and tell a story.

Using more substantial animations on your website has many benefits that you might not have considered. They:

Help you stand out

There is no doubt that Website Animations look good. They present a professional, polished, competent image and give you that competitive edge.

Hold people’s attention

One of the primary considerations with any website is how to keep people on our website and stop them ‘bouncing’ off. Animations engage and attract.

Get your message across

It is well recognised that visual information is processed, and remembered, so much more effectively than the written word. Animations are perfect for this.

Are simple to incorporate

They can be used in all views, eg desktop, tablet and mobile, and won’t slow your page loading speed either, like traditional video can.

Encourage conversions 

64% of people are more willing to complete an enquiry form if they watched something. Animations will reduce your bounce rate and increase your ROI.

The great thing about website animations is their flexibility too. They can be resized for social media so you can present a cohesive brand at all times.

Depending on your budget, we can tailor the solution for you. 

We can create website animations of different lengths and complexity. We also offer Lottie Animations (personalised, moving icons) that are bespoke  for your business, and brand, and add a real edge to your website design. 

Drop us a message today and let’s have a chat.

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