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The Children’s Play Village; Imagination Heaven

Children's play village bespoke design and build

Remember being a kid when it was acceptable to pretend and use your unhindered imagination? The Children’s Play Village is this, personified.


To be honest, I couldn’t really until I stepped into the world of the Children’s Play Village in Warwickshire this morning. In a flash, I was transported back to a time when I wanted to be a hairdresser or work in a post office or a supermarket. Or run a tea shop or be a teacher or a vet. It was as remarkable as it was magical.


The Children’s Play Village is a project that owners Alan and Shelley have been working on for about two years. I’m sure they wouldn’t object if I called it a ‘labour of love’. They have faced each (& pretty frequent) obstacle with persistence, determination and flexibility. The result is a truly enchanting experience that balances real life and authenticity with childhood wonder and innocence. From the

Hairdressers to the Emergency Room and the Builder’s Yard to the Tea Rooms the attention to detail is mind-blowing. Allan gave us a tip to bend down as we looked around. When we got down to a child’s eye level, we found treasures like a post office sorting system, cash desks with keyboards, weighing machines, hand-sewn brown paper grocery bags, little seats, shopping trolleys and so much more.

Childrens Play Village


It doesn’t look like a usual play centre for kids because it isn’t. As much thought has gone into the experience as the buildings and props. Sessions are structured, and trained playmakers are present in all play slots to ensure that the children make the most of the village facilities as they explore and interact. Advocates of playful learning and making treasured memories, it is as thoughtful as it is creative.

There literally isn’t one detail missing (which is where we proudly and happily come in if you were wondering). As a previous client, Shelley came to us just as they were planting the Children’s Play Village seed and gave us a designer’s dream project! From the offset, we could unleash our illustration talent in full force creating the bespoke logo and all of the village signage. At the beginning of the project, Shelley discussed the branding with Warwick and Dave and found herself in a bit of a quandary. She wanted to achieve ‘realistic’ but also ‘creative’, ‘younger’ and ‘fun’. Working closely together, with lots of phone calls, pop-ins and a very early site visit, we were able to develop a unique brand that sums up the beauty and originality of Children’s Play Village. When we looked around today, it had all come together perfectly. The same attention to detail that makes the village so amazing continues in all of the design. We even developed icons for each village building which had the added benefit of bringing the educational and fun element to the Post Office. From the medical information signs and the tea room menu to the hairdressing qualification certificate and the hairdresser’s ‘electronic’ booking system it creates a complete, sensory experience.

Childrens Play Village

The website takes the brand and feel of the Children’s Play Village and provides all of the information that a prospective visitor could need. Using excellent quality photography, it takes the browser on a tour of the play centre showcasing its incredible selling points and enticing the visitor to make that booking and convert any voyeurs.

A project this size has needed close project management and Shelley and Alan have worked so hard and appreciated our prompt response times, ideas, problem solving and overall contribution. In Shelley’s words:

“Adventure has been the easiest to work with, and it has been so important to know that what we ask just gets done. It’s made such a difference.”


We have enjoyed working on this project as much, and we know the little kids of the West Midlands (& their parents and carers) will relish the magic of the Children’s Play Village.

Long live imagination & creativity.


You can visit the website here: www.childrensplayvillage.co.uk





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