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Why Google Reviews Are So Important to Small Businesses and How You Can Help.

Google Reviews

Why are Google reviews so important, especially to small businesses?


Facebook reviews are great, but they are not as powerful as Google reviews. Google don’t reference reviews on other platforms when they are rank you in the search engine results so whilst they are great to have to have they won’t be having a direct impact on your website’s SEO.


If you’re not sure what SEO you may want to read our recent blog ‘What is SEO in Simple Terms’ for some context.


One of the key aspects of Search Engine Optimisation is getting Google to trust your website and your authority (expertise, reputation, knowledge etc). One of the best (and easiest) ways we, as consumers , can support local, independent, smaller businesses (which they need more than ever) is to leave reviews on Google for them.

“Online customer reviews send a strong signal to search engines that communicates trustworthiness and authority.” Excerpt from The Leverage Way Blog Post


So thinking about it, when was the last time that you left a positive review for an experience or service? (I highlight the word ‘positive’ because isn’t it so true that a rubbish/annoying/infuriating experience will have you running for your phone or tablet to convey your disgust/anger/disappointment, yet a pleasant, enjoyable, expected service won’t have quite the same effect? Possibly if it was exceptional or unbelievable service, but even then, most of us probably wouldn’t actually log in and express our gratitude and share with the rest of the world.)


So, how can we motivate ourselves to start leaving positive Google reviews more regularly, particularly for smaller and medium-size businesses?


How about if I told you that if you left a review, a small business owner might say to you:

“Thanks so much! We really can’t afford search engine optimisation so we have to just rely on the organic searches but the more reviews we get the more Google recognises us and moves us up the list so the more people see us! Honestly, we can’t thank you enough.”

or they could say:

“Thank you so much for your review. If a browser is looking at our reviews it hopefully means that they are thinking of making a purchase or getting in touch. Your review may be just the push they needed. Cheers!”

Or what if they said to you:

“You really don’t know how much Google reviews help. As a small business we really can’t find the time to market ourselves like we should so your review helps us to spread the word and grow our business.”

Or they might say:

“Thank you, Thank you! It is so hard with the likes of Amazon and Ebay to be successful in this day and age. Google reviews really help to get us noticed in so many ways and compete with the big boys!”

Google reviews really do make a big difference. A few minutes of your time can mean a huge lift in a business’s marketing stratetgy.


It isn’t easy to constantly review, we admit. We’re still not getting round to as many as we would like to but the more you get into the habit, the easier it will become and the more we can help each other.


All you need is a google account, find the business that you want to review on google listings and follow the instructions clicking the number of stars and leaving a little comment.


We could start a whole new movement of customer reviews! What do you think? Are you on board?


Make a review today. Somewhere, someone will be really chuffed.


If you don’t have a Google account this link can help you create one.


And if you’d like read some of our Google Reviews (or have say something nice about us 🙂 – you can here.


For more information about SEO and website marketing drop us a line here. Don’t forget we offer free SEO audits.


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