What is SEO in simple terms and how does it work ? 4 ways it supports your Google rankings.


Let’s start at the beginning. What is SEO and why does it help you with Google?


SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’.


That probably doesn’t help does it?


Basically, search engine optimisation means making your website as easy to understand and view as possible for the search engines.


Do you remember that game where you are in pairs and one of you is blindfolded and the other person has to lead them through an obstacle course by explaining everything to them? Well obviously Google is not blind but SEO is like the person who guides and steers and makes sure Google doesn’t fall over or think ‘Oh this is too much trouble I can’t be bothered’.


SEO is lots and lots and lots of little things to do with the content on your website and that mysterious ‘back end’  (that most of us don’t know anything about!)

SEO makes Google’s life easier to:

Crawl (read) your website

Understand what you do

Identify your location

Assess your security

All of this ultimately, and most importantly, makes it simpler for Google to decide if we are relevant to an entered search term and if we are, where we should appear.


Each time you do something on your website to make Google’s life easier it will give you little rewards.


So now I hear you cry, ‘Well if it’s that easy, why aren’t I number one? ‘


Ahh well, unfortunately, it’s not that easy!


Firstly, there’s a lot of us trying to make Google happy! A bit like sibling rivalry we’re all vying for Google’s attention.


Secondly, Google is crafty. Google keeps changing its mind about what makes it happy. So one day you are the golden child, the next you’re on the naughty step.


That is why we tell clients SEO is not something you can do quickly or will happen overnight. (With Google Ads you could possibly reach top spot overnight but when you flip the switch to ‘off’ you’ll be back to where you started.)


So that’s the truth about SEO. Simple in essence. Complicated in theory. But well worth the investment.


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