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7 Reasons A Website Will Grow Your Business

7 Reasons a Professional Website will Grow your Business

When you have social media to use, people often ask; ‘why do I need a website for my new business?’


A website is often seen as ‘non-essential’ for business start-ups and something that you can ‘do later’. This could be seriously limiting your success from the get-go. As Natalie Sequera says:

If you have a website, it makes your small business look big.

So why would a website make such a difference to your new business?


A professionally built website will help your new business grow more quickly and set you apart from your competitors because:

1. Your customers will trust you.

Your website gives you new business credibility as a ‘real, legitimate business’ and build trust with your visitors.

2. You are are building your brand

Your website builds brand recognition which is a massive reason customers make a  purchase or choose a service.

3. You control how your business is presented.

Your website allows you to showcase your new business exactly as you want to present with the info all in one place.

4. You increase your customer service

Your website clear, concise information that answers their questions rather than scrolling through a social feed.

5. You save money

Your website is your 24/7 marketing tool so after your initial outlay you save money on constant/periodic advertising.

6. You increase your sales

Your website allows you to capture email addresses and use these to improve your conversion rates.

7. You showcase your personality

As someone wise once said; ‘People buy people.’ Your website cememts your sociala atctivity and lets you build on it.

In this day and age, your new website really is, or should be, one of your greatest assets.

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For more information about our service drop us an email at hello@adventuregraphics, call us on 0121 354 1010.

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