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The 5 Most Common Black Friday Mistakes

7 Black Friday Tips for Service Based Businesses and 5 most common black friday mistakes

We know the words ‘Black Friday’ can raise a big sigh from business owners, but is it because are you making the most common Black Friday mistakes?


Here are five Black Friday mistakes we can all be guilty of. Once you know, it could make Black Friday work really well for your business!


1. We leave it too late!

We know it can be seen as a bit ‘American’ and a bit of a pain, but thinking about Black Friday a couple of days (or the day before!) is just not enough time to make anything of an impact. Infact starting to think about it now is probably a bit late but a lot earlier than usual so you do have more time than usual!

2. The offer is rubbish!

What happens when we leave it too late is that we just roll out any old offer and if we are completely honest, 10% off is not a Black Friday deal is it? If you want to make an impact you have to create an offer that is subsantial and significant. It needs to be weighty and attractive.

3. There's no urgency!

We are definitely guilty of this Black Friday mistake; running the offer for weeks, even months. This defeats the whole object of Black Friday! It needs to be a great offer that’s only available for ‘x’ amount of time. No extensions, no favours. It’s now, or indeed it’s never (until next year of course!)

4. It's not easy to find!

Where do people go that are interested? One of the biggest Black Friday mistakes is not having a dedicated webpage so your offer just gets lost. A good BF webpage will be mobile friendly, have a countdown to emphasise the urgency, explain the offer and make it wasy to buy. Visit ours for an example!

5. There's no follow up!

If someone buys from you or shows an interest they are a warm lead and we should make the most of them. If you run an online shop, this is especially important for you. If someone buys from you, counter offer. Add an even better offer. If they’ve bought one, they are much more likely to buy another!

How many Black Friday mistakes have you been making? We hope this has been useful for you.

We are following our advice on this one and have set up our first ‘Black Friday Webpage‘.


**View our Black Friday Page** And find out our Black Friday Offer! (Hope you think it is worthy!!)

So there you have it.


Start bannishing those Black Friday mistakes!


Any questions at all, simply email us. We’re happy to help (and Happy Black Friday too!)

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