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Wix Or WordPress?

Wix or Wordpress website? Which should you choose?

We know the adverts for all the DIY website builders make it sound so easy, but what is our honest opinion when it comes to platforms like Wix or WordPress?

Of course, as you can probably imagine, the software is pretty amazing, there is no disputing that; but are they as easy, and cheap, as they say? This is where ‘Wix or WordPress’ gets more tricky.

Some people use Wix websites and come out with a website that looks nice and works well for them.

However, on the other side of the coin are the people who come to see us, who have spent a lot of time working on their websites (and not finding it as easy as Wix made out) and realising, in the end, it is just not doing what they want, or need.

So what are the pros and cons of Wix or WordPress? On the upside, Wix Websites:

  1. Use a drag-and-drop system that allows you to create simple websites without needing coding skills.

  2. Have a library of templates for a variety of industries and purposes that you can customise using your brand colours etc.

  3. Provide hosting, domain registration, and a range of built-in features like e-commerce, blogging, and social media integration.

As a small business ourselves, we totally understand why some businesses choose to try Wix websites, especially when the budget is extremely limited and, as we have said, it can work for you if you have the time and energy (and the know-how) to spend on creating a site for your business.

So yes, they do of course have positives. We would never say, out of Wix or WordPress, that it should always be WordPress.  Our advice though, is to fully understand the whole offering from DIY website builders.

When it comes to Wix or WordPress, these are our main observations:

  1. Wix do offer a wide range of templates however, how far you can customise these templates is pretty limited. So much so, that you will struggle to achieve complex or unique designs (especially without web experience). Estimates suggest that you only have a few seconds to make the right impression, so the design and layout is crucial.

  2. The limitations of the templates also have quite a big impact on longevity and scalability. A lot of people who have done their own Wix websites come to see us quite soon after as it quickly comes to light how difficult it is for a DIY website to grow and evolve with your business.

  3. Most people don’t realise that although Wix sells the convenience of having the whole hosting, domain, and website package with them, they may also be tied to the platform. If they want to go to another designer or hosting company in the future it can be a complex task.

  4. There is more to SEO than the DIY website platforms promote.  This means that even though the website you ‘see’ might look good to you, this is not how Google views your website and it is how Google views your website that makes it SEO friendly (which is why there are professional web designers and SEO consultants!)

  5. Wix websites may start off as “free; but as with anything free of charge, it is important that you look into the small print. Lots of our clients quickly realised that by the time they had paid to unlock all the functionality they needed, it was no longer a cheap option and WordPress was suddenly competitive. WordPress websites do require looking after as well and us, and most designers, offer WordPress Monthly Care for this reason so this is something to consider. You can find more information about WordPress Maintenance in this blog post.

his is not to say that Wix Twebsites won’t work for you.

They could be the perfect solution for you at this time in your business journey.

It’s just important to go in with your eyes wide open when choosing between Wix or WordPress websites, as some of our clients come to us really disheartened by their DIY website experience. We want you to make an informed decision that won’t cost you more in time, money and stress in the longrun.

If you would like any more advice or would like to know how much a WordPress website would be as a comparison,  click here to get in touch, or email hello@adventuregraphics.co.uk.


We’re really happy to help you now and offer our expert advice free of charge because we know that the ‘Wix or WordPress’ is a big dilemma. And if you decide Wix suits you best at this moment, we believe your business will be a huge success and we would love to work with you at a later date, when you are ready.


Our Small Business Website Packages could also be of interest if you’d like to check them out.

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