What Do SEO Packages Actually Do? Simple Guide to 8 Essential SEO Actions

what do seo packages do 8 essential terms

If you are thinking about SEO packages but aren’t sure what they’re all about, this blog is for you.


As we’ve said before SEO is often seen as a ‘dark art’. What are the people you are paying each month doing with your hard earned money?

In this blog, we want to help you understand what is included in our SEO Monthly Packages. We know just seeing the list doesn’t really tell you much!
So, if you choose our Basic SEO Package what would our SEO experts actually be doing for you each month?

Each month they would be reviewing your:

Directory Submissions

Our SEO experts would take the time to research and submit your site to specified, relevant directories (this is called ‘off page SEO) to build your authority.

Architectural SEO

The structure of your site, and the way the pages are linked together, is imporant. SEO packages make sure they are are presented in the most beneficial way.

Actionable Insights

This is where your SEO team take apart your analytics and data and take direct, intentional actions from this raw data to improve your rankings.

XML Sitemap

As your website roadmap, our SEO experts will review your sitemap each month to ensure it lists all of your pages URLs & supports the search engines.

Google Local

As a specific Google listing for local businesses, monthly SEO means your profile is constantly updated and maintained so it is always current.

Image Optimisation

Monthly SEO packages  constantly review your images to ensure they are as small as possible, and as crisp as possible,  to improve your page load time.

Speed Optimisation

How quickly your site loads is a direct ranking factor. Your SEO experts manage all the relevant variables to ensure that your site is fully optimised.

Backlink Acquisitions

This is an incoming link and is extremely important to your SEO. It is also a complex process. Read our recent blog to find out why.

Each month you would also receive a report to explain what has been completed for your website and, depending on your package, we would meet in person every 1-3 months to review your progress and goals.


We hope that has given you a better understanding of how SEO packages works and why it is something that needs to be conducted on an ongoing basis. SEO is definitely a marathon rather than a sprint!


If you would like to receive a copy of our SEO guide or request a free SEO website for your website contact us here today.


For more information about how you can fulfill your website’s full potential email hello@adventuregraphics.co.uk or call 0121 354 1010. We’d love to help you.

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