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Why you need Van Graphics; 5 Surprising Stats

van graphics 5 surprising stats

We know that Van graphics can seem like an unnecessary expense when you have so many other outgoings, but the research tells a compelling story.


Here are five statistics that may surprise you about Van Graphics’s impact and influence.


Vehicles are seen up to 3000 times during one day

This statistic from the UK Government shows the reach your van graphics can have. Magazine advertising costs from as little as £200 and whilst the circulation may be higher, the reach will be finite.  Your Van graphics though will continue to advertise your business for as long as it driving on the roads for you.

91% of vehicle users notice advertising on trucks, 35% actually study these advertisements closely

This is about trucks, and it is according to the American Trucking Association, but there is no doubt that advertising on vehicles is highly engaging and Van Graphics are absolutely no different. The Uk Government also estimates that drives spens one month a year behind the wheel; that’s a  truly captive audience!

97% of people remember seeing a vehicle wrap advertisement

This statistic from Gitnux clearly shows the power of mobile advertising. How many times have you spotted a van or vehicle and checked the business out on the internet or told someone about it? Van graphics are eye-catching (or well designed van graphics are eye catching!); that is literally the whole point.

The average lifespan for vehicle wraps is five to seven years

What other advertising has a one off fee and will still promote you every day for at least five years? Van Graphics may seem like a hefty outlay initially but it really is the gift that keeps giving. Estimates suggest that the cost of vehicle graphics equates to around 4p per sighting. Pretty reasonable, hey?

29% of people said vehicle wrap ads influenced them to try a new product or service.

That’s practically a third of people! That’s an additional 30% target market, and sales, that you could be missing out on. What kind of difference could thay make to your business by doing something as simple as using your vehicles to advertise your business or service? The potential is awesome.

Are you suitably surprised?


If you have  a business that has vehicles on the road, van graphics (or car or SUV graphics) could make a HUGE difference.


If you would like more information about Van graphics, or any of our other branding services, email hello@adventuregraphics.co.uk or call 0121 354 1010. We’d love to help you get your vehicles working hard for you!

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