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5 Minutes With Penny Kay, Business Development

5 minutes with Penny Kay Business Development

Penny’s turn for ‘5 minutes with…’. What will you find out?!


Hi Penny. Your turn to be on the other side!!


I know it’s going to be strange. Am I not in control ha ha!!


Let’s start off with an easy one. If your friends were asked to describe you, what do you think they would say?


Depends if I was drunk or sober!!! I think they’d say I was a good friend and kind and thoughtful but also funny and a bit crazy!!! Oh, and late!! They’d say I was late!


What were you like as a child?


Quiet! I know you find that hard to believe!! I grew up with two younger brothers but they were two big characters so kind of took over. I worried a lot, I know you will believe that!! I was probably quite grown up I guess.


What would you say is one of our favourite memories?


Childhood memory?




I loved the magic of Christmas morning as a child and loved creating that with our own family. And we used to go away to a place in Wales called Llangrannog when I was growing up with lots of family and close friends and there are loads of special memories there. With you and the kids, I remember New York practically every day. It was so perfect. But the rowing those boats on that mountain lake in Switzerland with the kids in their own boat, hearing them talking and laughing, is my happy place. It was amazing.


adventure graphics web design


How did you end up working with me at Adventure?


How did I?! I’ve had so many different jobs, in so many areas that’s a long story!!


Do you want to tell people what you have done. Try and keep it fairly short!


Ha ha I’ll try my best!! Well, when I left uni I went to work at Auto Trader (where I met you!) and ended up HR & Training Manager there. When we had Maddy it got a bit much with two kids so I changed and worked for a friend’s training company (who was my HR Manager) managing his office and organising his training events etc. Then when we had Henry, sorry this is longer than 5 minutes!! I worked at Pizza Express evenings and weekends waitressing and supervising shifts.


Anything else?


Yes, sorry!! After Pizza Express I started working with young people with Autism. I think I did this for about 4 or 5 years and then I worked at a specialist college for 19-25 year olds. I did really love this job but our son, who also has Autism, had gone to secondary school and was needing more support, and you were looking for someone to come into Adventure to do more of the marketing, copywriting etc so it made sense for us to work together.


Do you want to explain more about the Autism teaching, I know it’s close to your heart?


Yeh, it does seem a bit random doesn’t it? After our son was diagnosed just before his third birthday, we found out about a programme called ‘Son Rise’ and we ended up not sending Henry to school but educating at home ourselves and recruiting volunteers to work with him too. We both ended up learning as much as Henry didn’t we?




And when Henry did go to school, I wanted to work with other families and use what I had learnt. We are still learning  and I still feel so passionately about what we did and what is out there for Autism but we needed to concentrate on our own family as Henry was growing up, it brings new challenges that you weren’t expecting.


Have you enjoyed working at Adventure, and with me!?


I really, really have! It’s been nice because Adventure has always been your domain and now it’s something we share and I really do appreciate how hard you work and what an amazing job you’ve done building Adventure. You are really good!! And you do work very hard!!


Thanks ha ha!! I would hope so, I have been doing it a long time!


You should be really proud, and it’s been really nice to share it with you.


What do you enjoy the most?


I think it’s working with our clients and seeing the projects come together. Everyone seems to think they are web or graphic designers, it seems to be one of those jobs, but actually I’ve learnt how involved it is and how much work it takes to create marketing materials or a brochure.


What would you say is the most challenging part?!


Some might think it’s working with your husband, but actually it isn’t! Although lockdown, and all of us being at home, might have just pushed that button!! I think the most challenging part is managing work with my other commitments like every other working mom. And I guess working for you, and for us, means that the lines get blurred too so I don’t just go to the office, you’re constantly working at home too but I know that’s the same for everyone who runs their own business. Sometimes I do feel a bit like I’m jumping from one thing to another but that’s also me!!


You have worked in quite a few industries what have you learnt or what advice would you give to others thinking of changing career?


Really that although the product or the service might be different, the essense of doing a ‘good job’ remains the same. Work hard, learn, listen to others, be honest and treat co-workers and clients with respect and make sure people enjoy working with you.


Very true. Now for a bit of fun:


Would you choose:

Chocolate or crisps? Chocolate
Wine or beer? Wine
Walking or cycling? Walking
Dogs or cats? Dogs
Kids or Coffee? Oh that’s too hard lol! I need the coffee for the kids!!
Summer or Winter? Summer
Red sauce or Brown? Red
Emailer or brochure? Brochure
Driving holidays or flying? Driving.


Finally, that old classic, what is something we wouldn’t know about you?


That I’m a total wimp and get so scared about slides and diving boards and I’m still terrified of the sea thanks to Jaws!! I’m also really clumsy and fell off a cliff when I was about 15 but I surivived!! I landed on a ledge! Although, me and you will never win the lottery, you’ve had a near death experience too haven’t you?


I did have Meningitus when I was 20 at art college.


You were so lucky.


I was. Happy note to end it on! Thanks for your 5 minutes Penny, it’s really good to have you at Adventure. Keep the up the good work.


Thank you. I’ll try Boss!


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