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How can I get Google Reviews for my business? 8 Simple Ideas

How do i get more google reviews

Google Reviews make a big difference.


Did you know that it is reported that 82% of consumers say that the content of reviews, like Google Reviews, have convinced them to make a purchase?


We all know the drill. Looking for a provider and you can’t help but look over to the right to see how many reviews they have, and then take a look.


Google ReviewsGoogle Reviews are so powerful, that 79% of shoppers say they trust reviews as much as personal recommendation (Source: Oberlo). Pretty awesome, eh? Yet reviews are often the one thing you neglect. We can be guilty of it ourselves. Yet they are one of the easiest, arguably most influential piece of FREE marketing you can take advantage of. So how we put that right? Make a pledge today. ‘Today I will get Google Reviews!”


Here’s a few ideas to help you:


Check it’s set up correctly

First and foremost, check that your Google Business Listing is up to date and working. Our blog ‘How to make the most of your Google Business Listing‘ will help you.

Ask your customers

Sorry, we’re not trying to ‘state the obvious’ but it’s actually, often, as easy as this. “Please will you leave us a Google review?” and hey presto, they do! How many times have you asked directly?

Give them a prompt

Ok, point taken it won’t always be that easy so what else can you do? If you sell products, leave a little reminder in their order/purchase or send emailers or direct mail.  That reminder can work wonders.

Add an incentive

This might not be appropriate for every business, but adding a bit of motivation can help turn the intention into an action. Discounts, offers, freebie or entry to a competition  can be very effective.

Make it easy

We all like it when our life is made simpler.  When you’re asking your clients, give them the direct link to your Google Reviews. Use something like ‘bitly‘ to make it even simpler so they can go striaght to your review section.

Use your website 

Not only do you want to make sure you use your glowing reviews on your website, you can also add Google review call-to-action on your site if you think it will be beneficial and your customers would use it.

Leave reviews yourself

No, no, we’re not suggesting you leave yourself lots of reviews (that is VERY bad btw!) but when was the last time you left a Google review? The more you get in the habit, it will remind other people to leave you one too!

Value your reviews 

Sometimes we are so busy looking for the bird in the tree, we forget the one in our hand. Always reply to the reviews you have, and respond as promptly as possible. This can say as much as the review itself!

Ok. Are you ready to go grab yourself some Google Reviews?


One word of warning though, Google will think you are being scammed if you have too many new reviews at one time. So stagger your enthusiasm! Make a plan. Contact your most loyal, active clients first who will probably be super happy to be asked!


And don’t forget, leave one Google Review for someone else too. Spread that love!

For more ideas or assistance  email at hello@adventuregraphics, or call us on 0121 354 1010.


PS If you sell products, our lovely friends at Paper Ballards sell a wonderful range of tags and stickers,  like these, to encourage your lovely customers to leave a review for you.

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