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8 Reasons Website Review Meetings are Essential to Your Business

Website Review Meeting

Website Review Meetings – Why are they important?


As you know, we can’t emphasise enough about how crucial it is to manage your website. A Website Review Meeting is a great way to take a moment, and take stock.

We know how busy you are, so here is an idea of what we cover in our Website Review Meetings and what you can expect when you give up your precious time:

Review your content 

No matter how old your site is, it’s surprising how quickly your content can date or be incorrect. A Website Review Meeting gives you the opportunity to concentrate on what you cover and make necessary tweaks.

Do some reconnaissance!

When was the last time time you checked out your competitors websites? At your Website Review Meeting, we take a look and make sure that we aren’t missing out on a trick (or celebrate how superior your site actually is!)

Shift your perspective

It’s time to take off your business owner’s hat. How do you experience your website when you put yourself in your customer’s shoes? What works? What doesn’t? Are we telling them everything we want them to know?

Review the design

If you’re website is very new, this isn’t something you will need to worry about. But if your website is 2 years old or over, how is the design standing up? Does it need a little makeover or an extra little ‘something’?

Assess the technical part

Before our Website Review Meeting, we will do our own research. Page loading speed, back-end health, security and performance are crucial indicators (especially for Google) and imperative for the user-experience (UX).

Check out the stats

How is your website being used? At your Website Review Meeting, we will be looking at your Google Analytics, your search results and your keywords. Together, we will make a plan to help you get to where you want to be.

Seize the moment

Call-to-actions are the way you capture data and encourage conversions.  Are yours strong enough? Or in the right place? Do you include your social media accounts? CAn you offer a giveaway or a ‘freebie’?

Review your site plan

Is there any more you can be including or would a landing page work for you for SEO? Or would a blog be useful for you? By thinking about your goals and offering you can create a website that grows with you.


Your website is the window to your business, keep it fresh and exciting – Jay Conrad Levison

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

After your Website Review, we will provide you with written notes and recommendations with an action plan so we can keep on track!


To book your Website Review Meeting contact us here and let’s make a start!

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