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7 Ways to Improve your Website Contact Page Today

5 ways to improve your website contact page

Would it surprise you if we told you that your contact page is often the most visited page on your website?


When you think about it, we all check out a business’s contact page even if we’re not planning on actually going there. Why do we like to visit the contact page? It’s often because we are seeking validation and credibility. What better way than seeing an address, a real-life ‘place’ or a map/location?

Yet often when you’re planning your website, your contact page is not the priority. We’re here to say it really needs to be!

Take a look at  7 ways your contact page can add value and impact, improve those all-important conversion/contact rates and make the most of all of those hits!


1.Make it easy to find

All of our websites have the contact page on the top line navigation. Clients often want to use this space for something more ‘important’, but we strongly advise keeping the contact page evident and accessible. Your contact page is your ‘guarantee’ almost. It builds legitimacy & honesty. You don’t want to lose custom because they can’t actually find one of most popular pages.

2. Write copy for the page

Extend the attention to detail when it comes to professional content and engaging copy to your contact page as well as the rest of your website. It is still crucial here. Possibly even more so. This is where you want them to take that extra step and get in touch. Don’t let your creativity dry up too soon. Think about the the lasting message you would like to leave them with and make it clear.

3. Be as transparent as possible

List as many contact options as possible and always include a physical address if possible. A location map immediately adds authenticity (and is helpful). If you have a preferred method of contact, you can emphasise this, but always give the prospective client choices. There are many of us who prefer to email or message, even if you would prefer a good old-fashioned phone call.

4. Make it easy to use

Include an enquiry/contact form. Opinions on forms do vary, however ultimately you want to make the contacting  process as simple and enticing as possible.  What you don’t want to do is lose them at the last hurdle if you make it too complicated or ask for too much info (so this means it needs to be mobile friendly too!)

5. Engage with your visitor

If your visitor is not ready to take that extra step to get in touch at this precise moment, what other calls to actions do you have for them? Can they follow you on social media, sign up to your newsletter or download some additional, free, information? Again, it needs to be simple and obvious and you need to make the benefits clear. Why should they keep in touch with you?

6. Give Your Visitor Proof

The power of testimonials is clearly documented. They do influence purchasing and consumer behaviour. If you have a page that you know will be visited alot, include your best reviews, that highlight your USPs and make you stand apart from your competitors. A carousel, or slider, will enable you to show more than one review and keep your visitors attention.

7. Give As Much Info As Possible

Have you considered including a few FAQs on your contact page? Not only can it prevent responding to the same  type of enquiries, it helps give your prospective client all of the information they need and presents you as an organised, professional business that they can trust.  Don’t forget departmental phone numbers and emails, opening hours etc.



Have we convinced you of the power of the contact page yet?

Next time you do your website or are updating your site, don’t forget to revisit one of your most important pages and immediately improve the efficiency of your website.

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For more advice to make the most of your website, email penny@adventuregraphics.co.uk or call 0121 354 1010.

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