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Paper Ballards

As their stationery businesses grew independently, Jess & Chris (wife & husband), joined forces and needed a strong rebrand and a comprehensive online shop.

Paper Ballards Logo Design

What they wanted

Jess & Chris had a really clear idea of the image they wanted to project. They may be a small, independent business but their objectives and vision are huge. They wanted to create a brand that represented the quality and expertise they bought in their field. An online shop that gave them more flexibility (rather than simply relying on Etsy) and offered their customers a simple process to personalise their wedding or business stationery orders.

What we did

We spent time listening to Jess & Chris and finding out what they really liked and what they really wanted. Then, we brainstormed together and really thrashed out the new name of the business. From here, we were able to conceptualise their new logo (we did nearly cause a few problems as they both liked different designs, but we believe Jess compromised on this one; although they loved them all, so it was still a kind of 'win win'!)

Once the new branding was approved, we discussed the website . We decided that WooCommerce provided all the functionality that Jess & Chris needed. However, quite a few of their products do require considerable variables, and the capacity to upload logo files, so we worked hard to ensure that the website did everything that it needed to, whilst also being as user-friendly as possible and showcasing their brilliant range.

In summary...

What they said

"We have worked with Warwick & Penny at Adventure Graphics for over a year now and have nothing but amazing things to say about them! They created our branding, our ecommerce website, have done all of our SEO, as well as continued copywriting and technical support. They are always on hand whenever you need them, and always go that extra mile to make sure we are 100% happy with everything they do. Not to mention how friendly they are, and how easy they are to work with. I would recommend them to any business that is looking to make their business stand out from the rest!"

Jess Ballard – Paper Ballards

The final outcome

Jess & Chris are fabulous to work with because they are so proactive and organised, and constantly updating and expanding their website and using it to its full potential. We love helping them updating their homepage seasonally, adding and optimising their products and supporting them with their ongoing copywriting needs, as well as providing them with the technical support and maintenance an e-commerce website requires.

They have also taken their branding and really run with it. We love seeing the different logo formats we designed being used so effectively across their social media platforms and even in their product photos. The future looks so bright for Paper Ballards, and we can't wait to see what else they achieve in their brilliant partnership!

(And if you need any wedding, birthday, or business stationery, definitely pop over to Paper Ballards to have a look.)

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