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Taking the time to find the perfect designer

Astrosport website design


It’s always a compliment when you receive an enquiry based on a previous project. This is how we came to meet Astrosport.

After recently moving to impressive new premises in Nottinghamshire, the guys at Astrosport wanted a new look, a new brand, and a new website. To make sure they got this right first time they were thorough in their approach to finding their new design partner. They looked for sites they liked the look of and followed this up by researching the developers who had designed these sites. (This is something that we would suggest you do if you are considering a new brand or website.)

We came to their attention as they were impressed by the look, feel and functionality of a close competitors website that we had completed a few years earlier and after a meeting commissioned us to take on their re-brand.

Warwick started (as always) with the logo, and after listening and taking on board Astrosport’s thoughts, the final design was agreed pretty quickly. It gave the desired simplicity while also providing the previously missing icon for social media and the flexibility moving forward that the business required.

The website also required similar flexibility. The guys at Astrosport had a vision for the website and wanted it to be able to grow with the company rather than become obsolete. Warwick designed a WordPress website that provided them with the flexibility they needed that was also in line with their branding and feel.

The functionality of the site was also essential. Astrosport wanted to inform the prospective client but not over face them. Working with Penny, the copy was revised to be user-friendly and reflect the values of their business by emphasising their unique selling points. Plus, using the WordPress platform their new Office Manager is now easily able to update new products as necessary and upload current projects, news, and testimonials to enhance the visitor experience and search engine optimisation (SEO).

It has been a pleasure to work with Astrosport. It is another example of a family business that is making a difference, providing excellent service and challenging the corporate biggies! We are glad you found us and look forward to sharing your adventure and taking your new brand even further….

If you are considering a new website or brand why not be smart like Astrosport? Surf the net looking for sites that impress you. Find the designer (it should be in the footer at the bottom of the pages) and look at their work. Remember that you don’t always need a developer to be in your town or city. It does have its benefits, but in this technological age distance is no longer a barrier.

We work with many clients, near and far. Your swanky new look could be somewhere you weren’t expecting!

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Take a look at all the work we did for Astrosport here

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