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Website Review Checklist: 9 Essential Ways to get ‘New Year Ready’

website review checklist

A Website review to set you up for the new year.


At the start of a new year we are all driven to make improvements and start the new year ‘ready to go’. At Adventure, we want your website to start the new year off in it’s best shape too.


We’ve put together a ‘New Year Website Review Checklist’ so that you tick off those all-important jobs and go into 2022 in the knowledge that your website is ‘good to go’!


Our top Website Review tips for 2022:


Review your content

It’s a new year, so have a quick check that you have no ‘this year’ or ‘last year’s in your copy (and check your footer copyright is up to date if you have one). And why not take this opportunity to re-read your content (let’s be honest, when do you think you last read it?) and make sure it’s still relevant, current and says what you want it to? Pay close attention to your call-to-actions too. Do they still have the same impact as they once had or does the wording or location need changing?

Conduct a user check

No website review is worth its salt unless you actually try our your own site. Go through it with a fine tooth comb; check all of the call-to-actions, page links and send yourself an inquiry from your contact page.  We also recommend asking a few ‘fresh eyes’ to use your website. You get used to seeing what you are expecting to see, people unfamiliar with your website could have valuable feedback that you have overlooked. Don’t forget to use it on your mobile too.  Responsiveness is so crucial these days.

Evaluate your home page

Your home page is essentially your shop window. It needs to grab the attention of your visitor, answer their immediate  questions and, most importantly, entice them to ‘browse’ other areas of your website. Now you’ve had a good look at your content and a good explore of your own site (and maybe had some objective feedback) is your home page hitting all the right spots? Does it clearly, and professionally, communicate what you do, where you are , who you are and why you worth their attention?

Critique your testimonials

Do the testimonials you use on your website effectively convey your USPs? Are there any better ones you could use, or more recent ones? Have you even read all of your reviews on Google and Facebook? Taking the time to really concentrate on your customer reviews can help you pinpoint what you are doing so well (and what you can improve). Testimonials are often entirely under-valued and under-used. And, if you are thinking ‘what testimonials?’ then this should be your first new year ‘to do’s!

Step into your customer’s shoes

If you have an eCommerce site, this is essential (if you don’t have an eCommerce shop please skip to the next one!) Again, it is very easy to become alienated from your customer’s experience so it’s important to experience your shop just as they do.  Do you experience any frustrations, any glitches? How does the check out work? What communication do you receive? Is it still reflecting your branding and tone? It is such a powerful exercise.  We know you’ll get a lot from it. (Don’t forget to refund yourself afterwards!)

Analyse your analytics

Do you have Google Analytics installed and do you look at them? We can all be guilty of the latter but there is such a lot of information that you get from how people are using your site (and, if you don’t have analytics then definitely add this to your new year to-do list too). If you’re not sure how to do this, or what to look for, get in touch with your web designer/developer for advice as part of your website review. They’ll be able to set you up and explain the key indicators you should be looking for.

Look behind the scenes

You may need your web designers help here too (in fact, we’d recommend it) but one of the first thing you can do is to check you have the little padlock next to your domain in the address bar. This means you have an SSL certificate. and extra security. If you can’t see it, contact your web designer or hosting company immediately. If you have a WordPress site it is is also essential that you keep the plugins updated.  Your web designer will also be help you ensure your website is data privacy compliant too.

Do it bit of SEO research

Have a bit of a play. Search for search terms that you think your clients may be using. How do you fair? Do you notice any copy that keeps appearing that you don’t use in your content? Make a special point of paying attention to your meta-description (that’s the small bit of text below your company name on the search results page). Does it contain your important keywords and is it still relevant? Work with your web designer and fine tune your content and keywords. 

Check your domain expiry

And lastly, do you know when your domain expires? In layman terms your domain is the name of your website (that people type into the address bar to get to you) We tend to look after this for our clients, even if they have bought it themselves but check with your web designer or your hosting company, and if you are in control of it, diarise it now! Set alarms! You don’t want to lose your domain name. In the words of Craig Revel Horwood, that would be a ‘Disaster darling’!

As you can see, there is a a fair bit involved with a website review but taking the time now could save you time and hassle later and increase your engagement and sales. 


If you’d like some help, we offer a website review service to give you a helping hand. 


You don’t need to be a current client, or to have had a website built with us, we can support new and existing clients.


If you’re interested in a website review drop us an email at hello@adventuregraphics, or call us on 0121 354 1010.


For more information, why not download our FREE Website MOT. Click here to access and print off.


Together we can get your website ‘new year ready’.


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