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When should you use a single page website?

One page website

A single page website is exactly what it says on the tin.


A website with just one HTML page. (HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is the language used to create all electronic documents, just in case you’ve always wondered!)


How does that work then I hear you ask?


Well basically, you move around the site by ‘jumping’ to different parts of the page but you never actually leave that one page.


This format provides several benefits.


The benefits of a single page website include:


  1. Responsiveness – They are easy and simple to use on all devices
  2. Speed – It doesn’t need to refresh  & has a quick loading speed
  3. Conversions – It makes the call to action very clear and is effective
  4. Relevance – bounce rates are generally lower on single page sites

When would you want to use a single page website?


Before everyone gets excited, single page websites are only suitable for specific circumstances. Sorry!


They work really well for:

  1. Presenting portfolios and case studies showcasing your work
  2. Landing pages if you are selling a single service or product)
  3. Businesses that only require an introduction and contact details

So why are we not suggesting that single page websites are the blanket remedy for every business?


As with everything in life, there are disadvantages. Disadvantages of a single page website include:


  1. Limited scale – unable to grow with your business & reflect you
  2. Limited Organic Search – single page websites don’t do so well with google
  3. Overwhelming – with just one page it can appear cluttered and confusing
  4. Single URL – this means that you cannot share or track specific content

It’s important to both consider, and, weigh up the pros and cons of a single page website. It could work fantastically for you or it could be a disaster.


If you are unsure if a single page website would be suitable for your business email hello@adventuregraphics.co.uk and let us help you decide.

For more information visit: Nettl 3 minute reads

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