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3 Reasons why cheap hosting can damage your business


Why cheap web hosting isn’t the bargain, you think it is.


We know that you can get web hosting much cheaper than the package we offer. We also see why that is. It’s essential you do too.



Cheap hosting is cheap because it is usually, and pretty much universally, unreliable, insecure and of poor quality.


Here’s why:


Crowded Servers

  • If you choose to host your website for say £10 a year, you will be squashed onto a server with hundreds or thousands of other websites.
  • Not only will this affect the performance and speed of your website and increase the chance of downtime when your site is not accessible, but it will also put you at a much higher security risk.
  • If a hacker makes it into a neighbouring website, it’s not that hard for them to pop to yours too and lay some highly annoying and damaging bugs for you at no extra charge.

Poor Customer Service

  • If you choose the cheapest hosting, we wish you lots of luck resolving any issues that you come up against.
  • Talking to their customer service teams, when you finally get a hold of them, is a nightmare. It’s not the employees at fault, its because the highly experienced and knowledgeable experts are working on call centres for hosting companies that charge a reasonable fee and can, therefore, employ talented advisors.
  • It will basically be down to you to manage.
  • Would you honestly have the time and know-how to do this?


Weak Systems

  • Low-cost hosting company’s systems and procedures are generally not that great.
  • So for example, they might not run regular server backups or updates which can make resolving issues doubly tricky and lead to performance issues with your site and the increased chance of being hacked.
  • Low-cost hosting usually means weak technical standards & security procedures.
  • Believe us. We know there are things you can skimp on and if the results are as good or nearly as good then, of course, go for it. Web hosting, however, will never be one of those things.
  • Low cost in terms of hosting does, unfortunately, mean low standards of everything.
  • Your website hosting is essentially the location of your online presence. It’s the foundation for your success. If the quality and service are inadequate your site’s performance and reach will be too.
If you are concerned about your hosting or would like to understand it more click here or email hello@adventuregraphics.co.uk.

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