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The Most Common Social Media Mistake

the most common social media mistake

Are you making the most common social mistake?


As a relatively new way of marketing we are all learning and, without a doubt social media, the way the consumer uses it is changing all the time so it kind of makes sense that we will all be making ‘mistakes’ of one kind or another.


So what are we talking about? What is the one of the most common social media mistake you might be making and why do we think is it is one of the easiest to correct?


Is it how often we are posting or even the platform we are using? Or is it the content we are sharing or the tone of voice of our posts?


All of these are of course important considerations and we do need to take them into account for sure. For us though, the most common social media mistakes that businesses make is not doing anything other than actually uploading your posts.


Ask yourself, how often do I comment or engage on other people’s posts?


One of the major criticisms we hear is ‘no one ever engages on our posts’ but how often do you interact with other people’s content?


Some businesses are really good at it and it’s definitely something we all, ourselves included, have to monitor and keep as an objective.


The official definition of social media is:

  • Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

Think how pleased you’d be to receive a genuine comment from another business?  Social media marketing takes a lot of energy and often you wonder is this doing us any good?


So what do you have to lose? Why not try commenting on another post that captures your attention today? Who doesn’t like to know they are doing a good job? Not only will you connect with other people and businesses and create a positive social media community you will also be increasing your online presence and brand awareness. You might even drive traffic to your website. Now that can only be a good thing!


Go on. Get interactive today!


And to find out more social media mistakes, we found this blog useful.

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