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WordPress Care Packages. 8 Reasons Your Need Them.

WordPress Care Packages

We often get asked; Why is a WordPress Care Package needed for a brand new website? Or indeed, for a website of any age.


People are often expecting their websites to be all singing and dancing immediately but, unfortunately, it doesn’t work quite like that.


Websites are often given lots of attention initially. How it is designed. How it works. How it looks. The final content. But after the initial enthusiasm, we often find the websites are left to their own devices.


As web developers and designers we want to provide as much information as possible to ensure that your website continues to work as effectively as possible for you, in terms of marketing and performance.


Websites are like cars. They need maintenance, services, and cleaning to keep them in optimum working order and to keep them secure, and prevent you from being unnecessary victims of cybercrime.


That’s where our WordPress Care Packages come in.


Designed to give you 3, affordable, monthly options to suit your business needs, our WordPress Care Packages cover:


  1. Automatic backups so you never lose fresh content.
  2. Continuous security checks so we can spot hazards quickly
  3. Software updates so your website runs on the latest versions.
  4. Plugin updates to maintain your website efficiency.
  5. Spam comments to reduce the risk of damage to your online presence.
  6. Performance checks to evaluate and improve how your site functions.
  7. Monthly reports to help you understand how your site is being used.
  8. Website recovery in the event of a cyber attack.*
If you choose the Premium or Advanced Packages, you will also have monthly studio time that can be used for website updates, blog copywriting, new products, or whatever you need.


The regular studio time means that you have the chance to add fresh content, keep your website current and keep your eye on the ball.  With a website, it is really a case of you getting back what you put in.

To find out more about our WordPress Care Packages and why websites need aftercare,  click here or email us at hello@adventuregraphics.co.uk, we’re always happy to help.


*Our care plan is comprehensive and we evolve it according to ever-changing online best practice. Unfortunately, hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and there is always a small risk of cyber-attack no matter how protected your site is.

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