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How to Optimise your Products: 8 Unmissable Top Tips

optimise your products woocommerce wordpress websites

Optimising your products should be part of your Woocommerce SEO Strategy.


SEO is when you do everything you can to encourage traffic to your site by adding as much information as possible to match you with keyword searches.


If you have a Woocommerce website, it’s important that you optimise your products as fully as possible.


Here are 5 top tips to optimise your products:


Decide on your Keyword or Phrase

To optimise your product fully, its essential you think about the keyword or phrase you are aiming so that you create the content around it.

Start the Product Title with your Keyword(s)

It’s crucial that the keyword/phrase you decide on is at the start of the product title. Often this means reconfiguring the information you want to convey.

Put Yourself in your Customers Shoes

Before you go any further, just check in with yourself. Does your Prodcut title relate to the way your audience will search for your products?

Write a Clear, Engaging Product Description

Now you have tweaked your Product Title, it’s time to make sure your description sells your product and includes your keywords as much as possible.

Ensure you have Headers in your Description

To fully optimise your products, make sure you use at least a Header 2 and Header 3 in your description as this will really help your organic SEO.

Rewrite the Rich Snippet if Necessary

The Rich Snippet is what you see when you see your search results. Your snippet should include your keyword/phrase and connect with user.

Match the Image Alt-Tag to your Keywords

You can add extra information to your image alt-tag, but always make sure that your focus keyword is at the start of the desription to optimise your product.

Include your Keywords in your Product Tags

Again, you can (and should) add as many relevant tags as you can, just make sure that you include your focus keywords and phrases too.

So there you go. A few top tips to optimise your products.


You should be aiming for an SEO score of 70 or above.


If you’d like any extra advice, give us a email us and we can help you optimise your products!


For more information about our service drop us an email at hello@adventuregraphics, call us on 0121 354 101


To learn more about how to optimise your products check out the Woocomerce SEO Guide.

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