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5 Minutes With Sam Vere – Graphic and Web Designer

sam vere graphic and web designer adventure graphics sutton coldfield

Welcome to another ‘5 minutes with…’


This time we’re talking with Sam, our Graphic & Web Designer. Sam has been with us since February but many of you may not have met him yet as we have not really been in the office much since he has joined us. We thought it would be nice to put a face to a name and have 5 minutes to catch up.

Thank you, Sam. It’s lovely to talk to you. How are you doing in this crazy year?

I’m doing well actually! I’m lucky enough to be living with my friends so I don’t get lonely during the lockdown and I’m still able to work from home which is great.

That’s good. Must be hard to be on your own.


I know it’s not been how we expected but have you enjoyed your time at Adventure?

Yes, it’s not quite the same working at home but I have enjoyed working with everyone at Adventure (including Beau the dog) and I feel that I’ve learned a lot along the way. It’s nice working as part of a small team and I’ve enjoyed the work.

Is there anything you’ve really enjoyed or have found more difficult?

When I started working for Adventure I didn’t have a lot of experience with building websites so it took some time to get up to speed with that but I’ve enjoyed the learning process and now I am much more confident with web design.

What has been your favourite project so far?

My favourite project so far has been creating a brand identity and website for Coiniston Cook. I love being part of a brand’s journey from the start and I’ve been given a lot of creative freedom which has enabled me to create some of my best work for Adventure so far.

I love that one too. You’ve done such a great job. Can’t wait till we can show everyone! What did you do before you came to Adventure?

My graphic design journey started at college but my passion for the discipline really kicked off when I went on to Birmingham City University where I studied Graphic Communication and found myself surrounded by hundreds of talented creatives who were a great source of inspiration. After uni, I did bits of freelance work and managed to get my first agency job at Gloss in Birmingham where I had my first taste of working in an office for a wide range of clients, before eventually moving on to work for Adventure.

Did you always want to be a designer?

I’ve always been arty but I didn’t know I wanted to be a designer for years. Throughout school, I was very interested in chemistry and biology but graphic design really took over in college and it quickly became the career I wanted to pursue.

How’s Warwick as a boss!! (It’s okay you can be honest ha ha!)

In a word, supportive. He always makes sure I’m looked after and is always there to teach me what I need to learn and help me perform my best. I’ve not had a single bad experience with Warwick which I think says a lot. And as a bonus, he’s good to talk to and has made me feel at home since day one.

Ah that’s nice. He is a nice guy! What do you like to do outside of work?

5 Minutes With Sam Vere - Graphic and Web Designer 1
My hobbies include rock climbing and dodgeball, though I haven’t had the chance to do much of that this year! And when I have the time I also enjoy photography and painting (and of course going to the pub with my friends).


Let’s hope it’s not too long before you can get there with them!! How would your friends describe you?

If they’re feeling nice they’d describe me as down to earth and a bit of a joker.

What would be something we wouldn’t know about you?

I have a black belt in karate (though I haven’t done it in a while)

Oh really wow. That takes a lot of dedication.


What are you looking forward to in the future?

I’m looking forward to seeing my family again after lockdown. And warmer weather, whenever that will be.

You must have really missed them. It’s been a long time. And yes, me too! Although think we’ve got snow soon…


Not going to keep you much longer, here’s the ‘Quick Fire’ round – which do you choose?

Chocolate or crisps? Chocolate
Wine or beer? Beer
Beer or cider? Beer
Walking or cycling? Cycling
Dogs or Cats? Cats
Tea or coffee? Tea
Summer or Winter? Summer
Red Sauce or Brown? Red
Emailer or Brochure? Emailer
Driving or Flying Holidays? Flying
Football or Rugby? Rugby

Ooh, Warwick must have missed the football question off your interview!!


Thanks so much for your time, Sam. We’re really pleased you’re at Adventure, it’s great working with you and Lauren (Lauren, your turn next!) and let’s hope we can have our Christmas night out and catch up in person.


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Photo credit: Lisa Carpenter Photography

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